A new album 14 years later

SeefeelA logical sequence: a reunion (of two of the four original members), a comeback on stage in the company of new friends (two unruly Japanese: Shigeru Ishihara, aka DJ Scotch Egg, and E-Da, ex Boredoms), first attempts in the studio, a short album meant as an observation balloon… and then? The new album by Seefeel, the first one in 14 years (their “(Ch-Vox)” for Rephlex was released in 1996, although one has to hark back to 1995 to find their first and truly influential work, “Succour” (Warp, 1995)), will be available in stores early next year, on 7th February to be precise, via Warp. Judging by what we’ve listened to on “Faults”, we should consider this new step by Seefeel as a new start (the beginning of a second era that could, or could not, last) and not so much as a continuation of the band’s past production. According to Warp, the self-titled album features mainly the materials the band prepared for their reunion concert at Warp20 birthday party celebrated in Paris in May. You can see some images of the event below the tracklist here.

Seefeel - “Seefeel”01. o-on one 02. dead guitars 03. step up 04. faults 05. gzaug 06. rip-run 07. making 08. step down 09. airless 10. aug30 11. sway


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