Back to life with ?Faults?

SeefeelLast Friday Warp confirmed what many may have already deduced: Seefeel are back, and not only on the stage. We now know that the recent announcement of their first live gigs after 14 years of silence was a step towards their coming back on record as well. Mark Clifford and Sarah Peacock have found new partners in crime in Shigeru “Shige” Ishihara (aka DJ Scotch Egg, on bass here) and Iida “E-Da” Kazuhisa (former Boredoms drummer). Together they have recorded Faults, a four-track EP to be released on 10” by Warp on 20thSeptember. In the light of Steve Beckett’s declarations it looks like there will be a new Seefeel album soon, though that has not been confirmed officially. On 16th September, Seefeel will present their new line-up at the ICA in London (you can get tickets here). Two weeks later the band will be playing in Madrid at Experimentaclub. Seefeel - “Faults”A1. Faults A2. Crowded B1. Folds B2. Clouded

Seefeel - “Faults”


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