“Bakesale” reissued in an extended format

Sebadoh BakesaleThe reissuing of the Sebadoh body of work has reached “Bakesale”, one of the highlights in the discography of Lou Barlow and company, along with “III” (1991), according to many fans. The album, originally released in 1994 by Sub Pop, saw Sebadoh gain its highest levels of media attention, partly thanks to tracks like “License To Confuse”, “Magnets Coil” and “Skull”, some of the most accessible, concise and focussed songs the band have ever made. In its new version, the record will include a second CD with 25 extra tracks, B-sides, demos and acoustic versions. A handwritten note on his website by Lou Barlow himself says that the extended edition of “Bakesale” will be in U.S. stores at the end of February or early March. The exact release date is still to be confirmed by Sub Pop, but we know that, in Europe, Domino will release it on 4th April. A perfect excuse to fill the gaps in your record collection.Sebadoh - “Bakesale”CD 1: 01. License to Confuse 02. Careful 03. Magnet's Coil 04. Not a Friend 05. Not Too Amused 06. Dreams 07. Skull 08. Got It 09. Shit Soup 10. Give Up 11. Rebound 12. Mystery Man 13. Temptation Tide 14. Drama Mine 15. Together or Alone CD 2 (extras): 0?1. MOR Backlash 02. Not a Friend (4-track) 03. Foreground 04. 40203 05. Mystery Man (4-track) 06. Drumstick Jumble" 07. Lime Kiln 08. Fancy-Ass/Destitute 0?9. Perfect Way (4-track) 10. Give the Drummer Some 11. Cementville 12. Social Medicine 13. On Fire (Acoustic) 14. Magnet's Coil (Acoustic) 15. Rebound (Acoustic) 16. Punching Myself in the Face Repeatedly, Publicly 17. Sing Something/Plate of Hatred 18. III Screams 19. Monsoon 20. Rainbow Farm 21. Hank Williams 22. Careful (4-track) 23. Dramamine (4-track) 24. Not Too Amused (4-track) 25. Shit Soup (4-track){youtube }TRnmcqQgMWQ{/youtube}

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