Les Savy Fav

The road to ruin

Les Savy FavThe boys of Les Savy Fav have given their fans a hectic ending to the month of July. From mid-April on they have been releasing details about their new record, Root For Ruin, a collection of songs that are “more compact and concise, closer to our roots as a band,” which would be released on 13th September via Frenchkiss and Wichita. The album, though, was leaked onto the web over ten days ago, coinciding –and therefore, ruining it- with the promo campaign in the form of a viral for the first single (see below). At first, the band responded to the leak by opening a Paypal account, inviting their most impatient fans –those who helped leaking the album– to at least contribute something voluntarily in exchange for their actions. It looks like the request didn’t generate the response they had hoped for, seeing as the band and their label decided to move the digital release of the album forwards, to yesterday, to be precise. “Root For Ruin” has been available in most of the biggest online shops since yesterday afternoon. Although no exact date has been announced, the band are planning to release the album physically as soon as they can. So watch out for it in your favourite records shop, because you’ll be seeing the new Les Savy Fav album in a matter of days.

Les Savy Fav - “Root For Ruin”01. Appetites 02. Dirty Knails 03. Sleepless in Silverlake 04. Let's Get Out of Here 05. Lips n' Stuff 06. Poltergeist 07. High and Unhinged 08. Excess Engergies 09. Dear Crutches 10. Calm Down 11. Clear Spirits

Les Savy Fav . Lets Get Out Of Here.mp3

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