New album in summer


“Sam Baker's Album”. The title of beatmaker Samiyam’s upcoming album couldn’t be more specific. The man, who we know from his collaborations with Brainfeeder head honcho Flying Lotus on the FLYamSAM project, will release his record on LP, CD and digital on that very label. Little more is known about the album, apart from the fact it will be out early this summer. Brainfeeder also revealed the titles of the 17 tracks on Sam Baker’s new effort, which leads us to speculate –also with the sleeve in mind– that there will be more room for instrumental hip-hop influenced by a childhood in the nineties, spent in the company of Nintendo characters and cassettes recorded time and time again by and for friends with the same musical tastes. More details soon.

Samiyam-Roller Skates Samiyam - Fishsticks by PEEANO

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