Sam Prekop

Changing forms

Sam PrekopFrom midway through the 90s, Sam Prekop has been building his reputation as a cornerstone of the Chicago underground community, first as the frontman of Shrimp Boat, then as the driving force behind The Sea and Cake who, fifteen long years after their first record, are on more radiant and in form than ever. Two years after Car Alarm (2008), Thirll Jockey have given details on what’s going to be the third album Prekop signs with his own name. On 7th September “Old Punch Card” will be released, an album that promises to be radically different from anything the man has done before. According to its author, the record is inspired by the experiments of the concrète school and the earliest electronic music, citing BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Nuno Canavarro, Raymond Scott, David Behrman and free improvisation as direct references for this collection of pieces (not limited to the “song” format) created with a modular synthesiser. There are no voices, no beats and only on one track does a guitar cautiously appear. Consider us intrigued.

Sam Prekop - “Old Punch Card”01. Old Punch Card 02. Array Wicket 03. Knitting Needles 04. Brambles 05. Tell Work 06. November September 07. A Places 08. Lazy House 09. The Silhouettes

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