SalemAfter their short format output (in the form of celebrated singles for Acephale, Audraglint Recordings, Big Love and Merok) and coming down to earth with their first performances (nearly everybody agrees the live shows don’t live up to their recorded sound), the shady guys from Salem -the disorienting and aloof trio who have been described as the “Cocteau Twins on a dirty south kick”- are ready to release their debut long player. John Holland, Heather Marlatt and Jack Donoghue have collected 11 tracks (eight brand new tracks plus new versions of the already known “ Trapdoor”, “ Redlights” and “ Frost”) in “King Night”, an album wrapped in mystery linen, which IAMSOUND will distribute around 28th September. Salem - “King Night”

01. King Night 02. Asia 03. Frost 04. Sick 05. Release Da Boar 06. Trapdoor 07. Redlights 08. Hound 09. Traxx 10. Tair 11. Killer


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