Another mask for Toro Y Moi

LES SINSIf there’s one thing that distinguishes Chaz Bundick (the epicentre of Toro Y Moi) from the rest of the Chillwave International set, it’s his taste for black music. In his songs—bedroom pop gems with a hypnagogic aftertaste— Bundick manages to deliver a no-friction combination of indie pop, North Pacific-style sunny psychedelia, synthetic R&B, post-Dilla style electronica and Prince-like funk. The guy likes dance music, which is why—given the fact that Toro Y Moi is a vehicle exclusively for pop music—Chaz has dropped some details about a “new” project called LES SINS, more openly focused on disco-house’s “four on the floor”. The South Carolinan will officially release his new dance mask with “Lina/Youth Gone”, a first 12”, on 9th November via Carpark. LES SINS - “Lina/Youth Gone” 01. Lina02. Youth GoneLES SINS - “Lina”

LES SINS - “Youth Gone”

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