Rough Trade presents:

Synth Wave 10

Rough Trade Synth Wave 10 Cold CaveAt the beginning of the year, the compilations “The Minimal Wave Tapes Vol. 1” (Stones Throw, 2010) and “Cold Waves and Minimal Electronics Vol.1” (Angular, 2010) arrived to stir up memories of cold, minimal and experimental synth pop from the late 70’s and early 80’s known as “cold wave” or “minimal wave”. Following the style of those compilations, Rough Trade has put together a panoramic view of a new generation of bands inspired, to a greater or lesser extent, by the genre. The album, simply titled “Synth Wave 10”, features 20 cuts from 20 bands, among them some famous names (Crystal Castles, Cold Cave, Zola Jesus and Fever Ray) and some lesser known artists (the recommendable 2vm, Soft Metals and Xeno & Oaklander). The collection will hit retailers on 22nd November. More information and pre-orders here.

Var.- Synth Wave 1001. Ye Olde Maids - Cocoa Cherubs 02. Crystal Castles - Empathy 03. Fever Ray - Stranger than Kindness 04. Blank Dogs - Heat and Depression 05. 2vm - Ponika 06. Led Er Est - Scissors 07. Terror Bird - Shadows in the Halls 08. Zola Jesus - Night 09. Washed Out - New Theory 10. Cosmetics - Black Leather Gloves 11. Desire - Don't Call 12. Cold Cave - I.C.D.K. 13. Soft Metals - The Cold World Melts 14. Void Vision - In 20 Years 15. Xeno & Oaklander - Preuss 16. Factory Floor - Lying 17. S.C.U.M - Ocean of White 18. Design a Wave - Remedy 19. Grimes - Avi 20. Le Syndicat Electronique - On Strike

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