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Details on “4everevolution”

Roots Manuva - “4everevolution”

In the end, our suspicions were true: “Watch Me Dance”, the title track of Toddla T’s new album, is also on Roots Manuva’s new LP (in fact, it’s the first single from it), only it’s a slightly different version. The two wrote the track together and, with both albums coming out around the same time, it must have seemed a good idea to get the most out of it. We’ll have to wait for Manuva’s new effort until 26th September though (10th October if you’re in the U.S.). “4everevolution” will be out on Big Dada and Banana Klan. According to the press release, there’ll be room for pop-funk, wonky reggae, street hip-hop, soul ballads and even some “death-disco” amongst the 17 tracks on the album. Though most of it is Manuva-made (he did most of the production plus, of course, the vocals), we’ll also be enjoying the contributions of Ricky Ranking and Daddy Kope (both from Banana Klan), DJ MK, young singer Rokhsan and, more of a surprise, the always impressive Skin and Cass Lewis from Skunk Anansie. As an appetiser, Big Dada offers you the download of “Watch Me Dance” in exchange for your email address. Click here.

"Watch Me Dance”

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