Roots Manuva

Meets WrongTom

Roots ManuvaTaking up the tradition of making dub versions of his albums (2001’s Run Come Save Me was followed a year later by Dub Come Save Me and Awfully Deep(2005) got a dub make-over as 2006’s “Alternately Deep”), Big Dada has just released details of Duppy Writer, a new Roots Manuva album that isn’t entirely new nor entirely his. Let us explain: in the months prior to the release of Slime & Reason, a producer called WrongTom got in touch with Big Dada to ask their permission to do a dub version of the single “Buff Nuff”. They loved it so much that they signed him to do various remixes which were then released as “Slime & Version”, the bonus disc of the limited edition version of “Slime & Reason” and after this went down well, the label asked him to do a whole album. The result of this project is “Duppy Writer”, a collection of reworkings of Manuva’s material (from his four albums plus a new track, “Jah Warriors”, made alongside Ricky Ranking) by WrongTom which will be released on 6th September. Adding to the attraction is the record’s artwork, created by the capable hands of the legendary Tony McDermott, maker of some classic sleeves for Scientist and Mad Professor. Roots Manuva meets WrongTom - “Duppy Writer”01. Butterfly Crab Walk02. Chin Up03. Duppy Writer (Skit)04. Worl' A Mine05. Big Tings Redone06. Jah Warriors07. Proper Tings Juggled08. Dutty Rut09. Dub Decay10. Lick Up Ya Foot11. Rebuff12. Son of Bodda13. Motion 82

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