Ronnie Spector

Tribute to Amy Winehouse

Ronnie Spector It's no secret that Amy Winehouse adored The Ronettes. In fact, she even borrowed their style when she released “Back To Black” five years ago - turning into a femme fatale. Ronnie Spector, the main vocalist of the mythical sixties girl group, was well aware of the respect she got from Amy; it looks like the feeling was mutual. In an article in the American Rolling Stone, Spector mourned Amy's death drawing a parallel with the early stage of her own career. “Every time I looked at her, it was like I was looking at myself. She had my beehive, my eyeliner, my attitude. She had such a great soul in her voice and her lyrics were so amazing that I couldn't help but sing one of her songs. I was so happy to see an artist like Amy, because she reminded me of my youth. And she loved girl groups,” she writes, while admitting to having had her share of excesses in the early, crazy stages of her successful career. “When I was in my 20s, I was a lost girl – drinking, not knowing what to do or where to go. I never did drugs – like, 'No way, you're not gonna put a needle in my arm!' – but drinking is just as bad. In the sixties, everyone was doing drugs, and I lost many people in the business,” remembers the artist, who unlike Amy was able to walk away from her addictions and dedicated herself to her children. Spector says she saw Winehouse six months ago in the audience at her gig in London, where she already played a cover version of “Back To Black” (which according to her brought Amy to tears). But now, as a tribute, the former Ronette has decided to release her version as a single - the revenues of which will go to the Daytop Village rehab clinic. You can get the track here. Back To Black - Ronnie Spector

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