Sweet anachronism

RomeThere is still no official release date for the Rome debut, but at least EMI have announced a time frame. The first album of this project by Brian Burton (alias Danger Mouse) and Italian composer Daniele Luppi around their shared love for Italian film soundtracks from the sixties will be released around March 2011.We already told you that the pair recorded in the classic Forum studios in Rome (founded by amongst others the great Ennio Morricone) in the company of Jack White, Norah Jones and several veteran musicians who collaborated on recording of some of the scores of those classic spaghetti western films. Now we know that the gestation of the record was rather romantic an affair; and also anachronistic. According to the press release, Burton and Luppi combed the city of Rome in search of old equipment, using bottles of wine as payment. In their wish to emulate the recordings practices of the golden age of Italian cinema, everything was recorded on vintage analogue equipment, without the intervention of computers, effects or studio tricks from the 21st century.

Rome - s/t01. The Rose With The Broken Neck02. Morning Fog (interlude)03. Season’s Trees04. Her Hollow Ways (interlude)05. Roman Blue06. Two Against One07. The Gambling Priest08. The World (interlude)09. Black10. The Matador Has Fallen11. Morning Fog12. Problem Queen13. Her Hollow Ways14. The World

“Rome” (some samples)


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