Roly Porter

Life after Vex'd

While last Thursday we told you about Jamie Teasdale's debut album as Kuedo, today we highlight the album debut by Roly Porter, the other half of Vex'd. On “Aftertime”, the Briton presents a substantial mix of bass and neo-classical music, experimental and adventurous. Taking the ideas of Vex'd one step further, Porter submerges in swamp-like textures through digital manipulation of chamber music recorded with organic instruments. The results are some asphyxiating industrial tracks, sharp and oppressive, on which, however, we hear references to the bass music of the past 15 years, from jungle to dubstep, with nods to the sounds of key labels like Metalheadz and Full Cycle. The album, the third reference of the reborn Subtext label, will be out on 19th September on LP and digital. Check the tracklist to the right and download one of the tracks after the jump. Roly Porter - Tleilax by Subtext Recordings

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