Roll The Dice

Second album in September

Roll The Dice - “In Dust” Malcolm Pardon and Peder Mannerfelt, better known as Roll The Dice, still believe in the effectiveness of analogue synthesisers - perfect to play their semi-improvised, kinetic compositions on. The Swedes released their eponymous debut album last year, on Digitalis. Now they're back with a new baby called “In Dust”, slated for release on 12th September via Leaf. According to the pair, the eleven new tracks allowed the couple to explore a new - darker and disturbing, at times - claustrophobic sound in the vein of cosmic bands like Cluster and Tangerine Dream. The concept album tells the tale of the existential struggle between humans and the machines that surround them. With the lack of an advance track, we leave you with the album track-list.

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