Plays Piano (Live in London 1985)

Roedelius - “Plays Piano

The illustrious Hans-Joachim Roedelius - an undisputed member of the experimental music elite thanks to his work with Cluster, Harmonia, his collaborations with Brian Eno and his solo albums - continues to release albums after more than four decades. His upcoming effort is called “Plays Piano (Live in London 1985)”, and it recovers, as the title indicates, a historical concert the German musician offered at the Bloomsbury Theatre in London in 1985. Even now, Roedelius feels that that concert was one of the best he’s ever given. “At the Bloomsbury theatre I encountered a Steinway grand piano of exceptional quality. I was thus given the perfect opportunity to put my ideas of simple piano rendition into practice. For me, the aural explorer, it was a gift from heaven”. The record contains 21 delicate pieces that move between fantastic digressions and moving melodies. It’s no surprise that, as the press note says, the audience at the Bloomsbury that night ended up in a standing ovation, after such an enormous performance. Now, twenty five years later, you can take it home with you, courtesy of Bureau B, on CD, vinyl and/or digital. It will be out on 23rd September.

Roedelius "Plays Piano" music samples by Bureau B

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