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Rocket GirlAt the turn of the century, Vinita Joshi, the head of the Rocket Girl label, released an inaugural compilation, neatly titled “A Rocket Girl Compilation”, aimed straight at the sharpest ears the world over. It was a box that, both for it’s packaging and the sounds contained within (a mix of pop psychedelia with a 60’s, space rock, slowcore and neo-krautrock aftertaste), ended up becoming a must-have back in 2001.

Now, almost a decade after that first panoramic view, Rocket Girl announces the arrival of “3... 2... 1... A Rocket Girl Compilation”, a new compilation which reveals how things are now. A double album, it features 27 tracks, the first one including the best moments in the history of the label (with songs by Lilys, Robin Guthrie or Television Personalities, to name a few) and the second containing previously unreleased tracks by some of the label’s past and present bands. “3... 2... 1... A Rocket Girl Compilation” will hit stores on 24th January 2011, digitally and on double CD. Var.- “3... 2... 1... A Rocket Girl Compilation”

CD 101. Lilys - A Diana's Diana02. God is an Astronaut - Frozen Twilight03. The Sleeping Years - Dressed For Rain04. Sam Kills Two - No.605. A Place to Bury Strangers - I Know I'll See You 06. Robin Guthrie - Love Never Dies A Natural Death07. The Brothers Movement - Standing Still 08. Project Skyward - Memories Just Wash Away09. Howling Bells - Setting Sun (Ulrich Schnauss remix)10. Television Personalities - You're My Yoko 11. Peter Daltrey - Tattoo12. Kennedy Green - Rocket Girl 13. Pieter Nooten - Cold Water 14. aM - I've God Them 15. The Azusa Plane - Dream

CD 201. All in the Golden Afternoon ft. Ulrich Schnauss - The Long Goodbye02. The Pragmatic - Maybe Next Time03. God is An Astronaut - In The Distance Fading (The Echelon Effect remix) 04. A Place to Bury Strangers - Just Out of Reach 05. Lemon's Chair - Swallowtail06. Serena Maneesh - Blooth07. Asteroid #4 - In The Glow 08. A Shoreline Dream ft. Ulrich Schnauss - London 09. Elika - Nowhere (Project Skyward remix) 10. Robin Guthrie - Broken Heart 11. Pieter Nooten - Blue 12. Fuxa - Bubbles and Flugelhorn

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