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bynWe reported last week on the appearance of the new version—the technified one, a gem of electro-trance-pop—of “Indestructible”. Swedish Robyn has used another of the tracks from “Body Talk Pt. 2” ( “Indestructible” was an acoustic version there) as the bridge to and presentation card of the third part of her trilogy, an album which is not as new as we were expecting. In the end, “Body Talk Pt. 3” is more of a remake, with five tracks from the series’ first volume, five tracks from the second plus five new tracks (four if we count the new dance version of “Indestructible” as familiar). The album will hit retailers on 22nd November via Cherrytree (U.S.) and Konichiwa / Universal (in Europe) as of 29th November.

Robyn – “Body Talk Pt.3”01. Dancing on My Own 02. Fembot 03. Don’t Fucking Tell Me What to Do 04. Indestructible 05. Time Machine 06. Love Kills 07. Hang With Me 08. Call Your Girlfriend 09. None of Dem [ft. Röyksopp] 10. We Dance to the Beat 11. U Should Know Better [ft. Snoop Dogg] 12. Dancehall Queen 13. Get Myself Together 14. In My Eyes 15. Stars 4-Ever

Robyn – Indestructible (edit)


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