Rita Indiana

?La Montra? has arrived

Rita IndianaBefore releasing her first album, Rita Indiana was already a phenomenon in her homeland of the Dominican Republic. In 2003, at only 19, Rita published her first novel, The Chochueca Strategy, proving herself to be a new voice to be reckoned with in the world of Caribbean literature. She then wrote a second, Papi, and alternated between this career, modelling and her newfound musical endeavours, as Casifull, half of the irreverant duo Miti Miti, and fronting Rita Indiana y Los Misterios. Thanks to the singles “La Hora de Volve”, “El Blue del Ping Pong” and “Jardinera”, Rita Indiana has begun to gain recognition in the music media, who don’t have a clue how to classify her mix of merengue, hip-hop, dance electronica, mambo, punk rock and psychedelia - sounds that act as a net to her weighty lyrics.

Her shared love of roots music, multimedia exploration, and do-it-yourself attitude in the digital age brought Rita Indiana to the Brooklyn Dutty Artz crew. Jace Clayton (aka DJ /rupture), Matt Shadetek and Chief Boima (in the compnay of Oro11, from Bersa Discos) took charge and produced her two new cuts, “No Ta Llevando El Diablo” and “Los Poderes” which is released today as a 7” on the Dutty Artz label. DJ/rupture was so kind as to send us both tracks so that you can get to know “la montra,” Rita Indiana.

Rita Indiana . No ta llevando el diablo.mp3

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