Richard Youngs

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Richard YoungsProlific, mutable, diverse, elusive, idiosyncratic... This are some of the adjectives that have been many times attached to Englishman Richard Youngs, who is capable to go from lo-fi folk to drone, improvisation, or space rock dressed as electronica, without caring who is going to publish it. At the beginning of the last year, he was challenged by friend and collaborator, Andrew Paine, to create “a proper pop album” that captured the “beats and hooks” of contemporary music. The final result was “Beyond The Valley Of Ultrahits”, a record full of hypnotic pop gems with melodies á la David Bowie and of structures close to house music. Paine published them on CD-R through his own label Sonic Oyster. Now J agjaguwar, the label that has published his latest albums, have decided to re-master and re-launch this particular album on vinyl. It will be available from July the 20th. Richard Youngs - “Beyond The Valley Of Ultrahits”

01. The Valley in Flight 02. Like a Sailor 03. Collapsing Stars 04. Love in the Great Outdoors 05. Still Life in Room 06. Oh Reality 07. Radio Innocents 08. Summer Void 09. A Storm of Light Ignites My Heart 10. Sun Points at the World

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