Straight into the great cosmic void

ResoeWith their two very like-minded projects, it was only a matter of time before Danes Dennis Bøg, a.k.a. Resoe, and Kenneth Christiansen, the boss of the Echochord label, ended up working together. They collaborated last year on Pattern Repeat, a producing team and label, but it wasn’t until last January that Resoe released a first reference on Echochord, the “Abstrakt Dimenzions EP”, after years of releasing on his own label, Baum Records. This association will see its results on Resoe’s debut album, which Echochord will release on 18th January. The album is entitled “Into the Black Void of Space...” and, as it usually with both this artist and label, it cuts a smooth course through Berlin’s dubbed out techno waters.

Resoe - “Black Void of Space...”01. Lakeviews 02. Mutation 03. Dubcuttin' 04. Ventura 05. Nachhall 06. Apart From Moorpark 07. Minus And Plus 08. Polarized 09. Demoon 10. Syntax Error 11. Radikal Alterations 12. Edith's Serenade (R.I.P.)

Resoe - The Black Void Of Space...Podcast003 by Resoe/Baum Records


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