Astrodynamic lessons

RekordahBetter known around here as responsible for the second reference of Zaragoza based label Lo Fi Funk, British Luke Owen aka Rekordah has just debuted as patron curating “Astro:Dynamics”, a compilation album “... designed less as a compilation of UK strains and more of a unifier for discordant strains of music that share similar sound sets”, he says. Being himself a self confessed beat maker addicted to skweee and wonky, you can imagine where this is going by chossing the 16 non-released tracks from “good friends and fantastic talents.”, Some are already acclaimed modern instrumental beat luminaries ( Lukid, Mike Slott, Slugabed, Coco Bryce or Subeena), and others not so much. The record will be available mid June via Cargo. Var.- Astro:Dynamics

01. Lukid – Pleurisy 02. Jay Prada – Nina’s Strut 03. Tapes – Oberheimer 04. Slow Hand Motëm – Love is the New Evil 05. Clause Four – Daze 06. Mike Slott – Music’s Fun 07. Coco Bryce – The Cliche 08. Slugabed – Clunk Clunk 09. Crackazat– Party in the Clouds 10. Bnjmn – It’s Not a Joint 11. Rekordah – Candy Flossin’ 12. Professor Ojo – Focus 13. Metske – Isotopic 14. Subeena– Rakeeh 15. Lower – Heartbroken 16. The Blessings– Lungebob

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