Real Estate

New album this autumn

Real Estate – “It’s Real”

Like many bands who made their debut in 2009, Real Estate dedicated the first part of this year to recording the follow-up - in this case, “Days”. The album, recorded with producer Kevin McMahon (The Walkmen and Titus Andronicus, among others) on the outskirts of New York, will be released on Domino Records on 17th October. The label promises timeless melodies and painfully melancholic pop songs on what’s supposed to be a marvellously self-confident follow-up to their debut. Of the ten pieces on “Days”, nine are previously unreleased. The other one, “Out Of Tune”, is an already known track, though this will be a new version of it. A week before the album, a single will be released, “It’s Real”. You can listen to and download it in exchange for your email address.

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