Chamber Music

Raudiver Oliver HoAfter a decade of success in the world of spiral techno, lysergic and with a touch of tribal, English Oliver Ho decided to bury his name back in 2006 and launch an adventure under the artistic name of Raudive. Ho has used this alter ego to deliver more abstract pieces of avant techno with a slower tempo, that is open to the use of organic instruments and tonal experimentation. Under this alias he has since produced over a dozen maxis and EPs, to be continued soon with a new long player. Stefan Goldmann and Finn Johannsen will release “Chamber Music” on 2nd October through their label, Macro. The album is a record constructed with a good measure of acoustic sounds -“ Bitches Brew voodoo reeds, New York no wave voices and European avant-string spin a mesmerising dark patina around the ultra-present 3000-year-rhythms”, in the maker’s own words- which you can listen in its entirety through his MySpace.

Raudive - “Camber Music” 01. Is it Dark in Here02. Cone03. Paper04. Over05. Khaki06. Brittle07. X-Rays08. Tul09. Sienna


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