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RatatatAn official announcement, some audio leaks, promo video teasers... The process follows the logical path to climax -as written on the tablet of new commandments of good record promotion- with the free streaming preview. "LP4" from Brooklyn band Ratatat, will not be available in the shops for another fifteen days (8th June is the official release date), but over the next two weeks you can taste it from beginning to end on the space that the North American public radio network, NPR, dedicates to previewing forthcoming and promising releases. We’ve told you already that pretty much the bulk of the new songs by Mike Stroud and Evan Mast come from the same recording sessions at Old Soul Studios, Catskill Mountains of which their "LP3" (XL , 2008) was recorded. Despite this temporal coincidence, in "LP4" we can listen to new timbres (there is a string section and percussion sounds which we’ve never heard before in previous recordings), that refreshes the whole proposition of songs full of codes and twists, showcased on a greater ambition when dealing with arrangements. You can check yourself what we are talking about here. The streaming will be online until 8th June.


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