Ras G

A new space walk under the wings of Ramp Records

Ras G - “Down 2 Earth” Fans of cosmic delirium in the form of Ras G’s beats are in luck today. Gregory Shorter Jr (which is the real name of this Sun Ra admirer) has been active on the LA hip-hop scene since the early nineties. A driving force of the “ghetto sci-fi” sound and with albums on several different labels, Ras G returns to Ramp Recordings (the label he released “Destination There EP” on) with a new collection of spells made with samples and imagination. The Poo Bah owner calls the new album “Down 2 Earth”, breaking his romantic involvement with the cosmos and space imagery (which is still there, only Ras G is on his way back home), which brings these 21 new tracks to move on more earthly ground. Even so, the Californian psychonaut remains true to the particular idiosyncrasies of his sound, combining soul samples with intricate beats, from a congested perspective that puts its trust in rugged textures and imperfections. The record will be out on 25th July. Check out the tracklist to the right and listen to some extracts here.

Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program - Pennys Confession

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