Raleigh Moncrief

New member of the Anticon family

Raleigh Moncrief - “Watered Lawn” His is not an easy name to remember. So we're giving you a few more clues, some names to link him with. First of all, the boy has worked with people like Zach Hill (last year they released “Who Do You Think You Aren't?” together, on Porter), he’s part of Marnie Stern's live band and he was the recording engineer and co-producer of Dirty Projector's “Bitte Orca” (Domino, 2009). Now, after a fistful of limited edition singles and EPs, Californian Raleigh Moncrief is getting ready to make his album debut on Anticon. His first solo LP effort will be released on the 25th October with the title “Watered Lawn” - combining the instrumental hip-hop sound of the west coast, with bright bedroom electronica; alongside psychedelic pop soul and certain airs of R&B. Here we leave you with two of the tracks off of the album.

I Just Saw by raleigh moncrief Lament For Morning by raleigh moncrief

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