Rainbow Arabia

Boys and diamonds for Kompakt

Rainbow ArabiaWhether we like it or not, it was clear from the beginning that Rainbow Arabia’s proposal distilled a very special personality, not so much because it hailed from an uncommon, inaccessible territory, but for the combined ingredients of their “fourth world pop”. That same personality applied to their mixture of the exotic—from South America to the Middle East, passing through the Caribbean, black Africa and the electronic tradition from both sides of the Atlantic, there’s room for everything on this sonic pastiche—is what has led Danny and Tiffany Person to join a label which is historically very different from them, Kompakt. The Cologne-based label has welcomed these two Californians, globetrotting students of the “21st century world music” school, which they share with Tanlines, Javelin, Fool's Gold, Gang Gang Dance and Teleseen, to name a few kin.

The first results of this new transatlantic association is an album due out on 28th February (a day later in the U.S.). Rainbow Arabia’s debut long player will be titled “Boys and Diamonds”. While we wait for it’s arrival, we’ll have to believe what the press release says : "You will be hard up find another record that cohesively brings to mind Siouxsie rubbing elbows with Shabba Ranks, Giorgio Moroder sipping daiquiris in Bali, Desmond Dekker envisioned through skittering footwork, Phil Collins sitting in with Congotronics, even early Madonna produced by Chris and Cosey. " First listens soon. Rainbow Arabia - “Boys And Diamonds”01. Boys and Diamonds 02. Without You 03. Nothin gonna be undone 04. Blind 05. Papai 06. Jungle Bear 07. Hai 08. Mechanical 09. This Life is Practice 10. Sayer 11. Sequenced

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