Rank Functions

RaffertieAs many other agents of British bass scene have done, the young Benjamin Stefanski, alias Raffertie, has decided to embark on a publishing project at his own risk. After his celebrated singles for Seclusiasis, Planet Mu and Special Branch, Raffertie will release a new 4-track EP called “Rank Functions” through Super Recordings, which means a change of musical direction for this young Birmingham raver. From hardcore rave-tinged dubstep and wonkyness to a new club-centric vision interested in exploring the intersection between bass house, garage and UK funky, “Rank Functions” will hit retailers on 11th October as the first reference of Super, a new label that will soon see the release of EPs by Taylor, Photomachine and Randomer.

Raffertie - “Rank Functions EP”01. Rank Functions02. His Counting House03. Horse Flesh04. Rank Functions (Ital Tek remix)

Raffertie - Rank Functions EP (preview)


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