Rafael Anton Irisarri

Looking out over the North Bend

Rafael Anton IrisarriAfter the refreshing “It All Falls Apart”(Ghostly, 2010), his latest release as The Sight Below, and in the wake of his recent mini-album “Reverie” (on Immune Recordings), Rafael Anton Irisarri puts his own name to “The North Bend”.The new longplayer, the second reference to bear his signature, will be released by Lawrence English’s ROOM40 next week. "Shingo Ogata, the aged protagonist of Yasunari Kawabata's The Sound Of The Mountain awakens from sleep in his family home one late-winter night, to a sound of uncertain source and unknown origin; like wind, far away, but with a depth like a rumbling of the earth." With this sentence ROOM40 tries to explain the sonic qualities of an album inspired by the relation between the mortal being and the immensity of the mountains and valleys of the North Bend, a record full of reflective humour on which Irisarri once again wades through the waters of spectral ambient, with a touch of neo-classical.

Rafael Anton Irisarri - “The North Bend”01. Passage02. Blue Tomorrows03. A Great Northern Sight04. Traces05. Deception Falls

Rafael Anton Irisarri - “Blue Tomorrow”

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