Compiling their remixes on CD

If you’re not a vinyl buyer - or if you were too slow to pre-order your copy of the Radiohead remix singles - you’ll be happy to know the Oxford gang has decided to compile the series on CD. As soon as the fourth and last part of the series has been released, TBD Records will collect all the remixes on one album, slated for release in October. In case you didn’t know, the first episode featured remixes by Caribou and Jacques Greene, doing their thing with “Little By Little” and “Lotus Flower”, respectively. They were followed by Mark Pritchard, who did two remixes of “Bloom” (one under his own name and one as Harmonic 313) and Nathan Fake, who reformed “Morning Mr. Magpie”. Next week the third part of the exquisite series is expected, on which Lone, Pearson Sound and Four Tet will reinterpret “Feral”, “Morning Mr Magpie” and “Separator”. We anticipate discovering the contents of the fourth single shortly - but it’s obvious Radiohead have good taste when it comes to picking their remixers.

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