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Now that many fans have accepted they’re not going to see Radiohead this year, the Oxford band surprises us with some good news. There won’t be a tour, but the band will be playing a one-off gig of about an hour in length at the BBC studios in London, where they’ll perform their recent “The King Of Limbs” in its entirety. The event will be broadcast in the UK on 1st July, after which it will be distributed internationally. Apart from the concert, there will also be footage of the band behind the scenes. The performance will be part of the series From The Basement, which the band’s producer Nigel Godrich has been promoting and directing for years and which The Shins, PJ Harvey and Fleet Foxes have already made appearances on. Behind the cameras we’ll find creative director Dilly Gent, a usual suspect on many of Radiohead’s videos, and Grant Gee, director of the monographic documentary “Meeting People Is Easy”. The show will be recorded in HD and without an audience or presenter. According to the BBC, this will be a unique opportunity to see an intimate concert by one of the biggest bands in the world. Below is a video of their previous appearance on the show.

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