Physical version of “The King Of Limbs”

The King Of Limbs

As was to be expected, Radiohead are going to release their recent The King Of Limbs on physical formats as well. The album will be out on CD and vinyl on 25th March in Japan via Hostess Entertainment, on 28th March in Europe via XL Recordings and Ticker Tape Ltd (the band’s own label), and a day later in the USA, on TBD Records. The record features the eight tracks it always did (no bonus or hidden tracks, despite rumours to the contrary) and there is no booklet with new images or lyrics sheet. There will just be nine illustrations for the record sleeve. The King Of Limbs The best comes in the credits, where thanks are given to Drew Barrymore, as the album was recorded entirely at her home, and where the artwork is credited mysteriously to Zachariah Wildwood and Donald Twain (alter egos of Stanley Donwood and Thom Yorke himself). If you want to look for new enigmas, next week you’ll have something to keep yourself busy.

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