Concert Film made by the fans

RadioheadFew modern-day bands have an army of fans as loyal and dedicated as Radiohead. Proof of this is comes in the shape of “Radiohead - Live in Praha”, a concert film, fruit of an initiative by a group of fans of the group. On 23rd August 2009, a crowd of Radiohead loyalists went to the VýstavištÄ› Holešovice Exhibition Hall in Prague in order to record live footage of the band with all kinds of technologies and from every possible angle. Those images must have surprised Radiohead, because the band themselves sent the makers the audio masters of that concert, recorded from the mixing desk by their own engineers. Audio and video have now been put together for a film that has already been doing the rounds on DVD in Prague and which you can now download for free, here. Be patient if the page doesn’t load at first, it will eventually.


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