The wonder years, reissued

R.E.M.While Michael Stipe and friends are working on the follow-up to Accelerate (Warner, 2008), EMI has decided to reissue the three first albums by the Athens giants in deluxe versions. We’re talking about Murmur (IRS, 1983), Reckoning (IRS, 1984) and Fables of the Reconstruction(IRS, 1085), that between them contain some of R.E.M.’s best work. The three new volumes will be available from 20th July and will include remastered versions of the originals, plus a second disc with live recordings (“Murmur” and “Reckoning”, which will have previously unreleased recordings of the band’s performances at Larry Hideaway in Toronto, 1983 and at Aragon Ballroom, Chicago 1984) and rarities ( “Fables of the Reconstruction”, with demo versions including the never commercially released “Those Trolls Away”). The wonder years of R.E.M. will be within your reach from the third week of July.

R.E.M. - “Murmur”CD101. Radio Free Europe02. Pilgrimage03. Laughing04. Talk About The Passion05. Moral Kiosk (Murmer Version)06. Perfect Circle07. Catapult08. Sitting Still09. 9-910. Shaking Through11. We Walk12. West Of The Fields13. West Of The Fields

CD201. Laughing (Live in Toronto)02. Pilgrimage (Live in Toronto)03. There She Goes Again (Live in Toronto)04. 7 Chinese Brothers (Live in Toronto)05. Talk About The Passion (Live in Toronto)06. Sitting Still (Live in Toronto)07. Harborcoat (Live in Toronto)08. Catapult (Live in Toronto)09. Gardening At Night (Live in Toronto)10. 9-9 (Live in Toronto)11. Just A Touch (Live in Toronto)12. West Of The Fields (Live in Toronto)13. Radio Free Europe (Live in Toronto14. We Walk (Live in Toronto)15. 1,000,000 (Live in Toronto)16. Carnival Of Sorts (Box Cars) (Live In Toronto)

R.E.M. - “Reckoning”CD1 01. Harborcoat 02. 7 Chinese Bros. 03. So. Central Rain 04. Pretty Persuasion 05. Time After Time (AnnElise) 06. Second Guessing 07. Letter Never Sent 08. Camera 09. (Don´t Go Back To) Rockville 10. Little America

CD 2 01. Femme Fatale (Live/1984 Aragon Ballroom) 02. Radio Free Europe (Live At The Aragon Ballroom) 03. Gardening At Night (Live At The Aragon Ballroom) 04. 9-9 (Live At The Aragon Ballroom) 05. Windout (Live At The Aragon Ballroom) 06. Letter Never Sent (Live At The Aragon Ballroom) 07. Sitting Still (Live At The Aragon Ballroom) 08. Driver 8 (Live At The Aragon Ballroom) 09. So. Central Rain (Live At The Aragon Ballroom) 10. 7 Chinese Brothers (Live At The Aragon Ballroom) 11. Harbourcoat (Live At The Aragon Ballroom) 12. Hyena (Live At The Aragon Ballroom) 13. Pretty Persuasion (Live At The Aragon Ballroom) 14. Little America (Live At The Aragon Ballroom) 15. Second Guessing (Live At The Aragon Ballroom) 16. (Don´t Go Back To) Rockville (Live At The AragonBallroom)

R.E.M. - “Fables of The Reconstruction” (25th Anniversary Edition)CD101. Feeling Gravity’s Pull02. Maps and Legends03. Driver 804. Life and How To Live It05. Old Man Kensey06. Can’t Get There From Here07. Green Grow The Rushes08. Kohoutek 09. Auctioneer (Another Engine)10. Good Advices11. Wendell Gee

CD2: The Athens Demos01. Auctioneer (Another Engine) (versión maqueta)02. Bandwagon (versión maqueta. La versión final fue la cara B de Can't Get There From Here)03. Can’t Get There From Here (versión maqueta)04. Driver 8 (versión maqueta)05. Feeling Gravity’s Pull (versión maqueta)06. Good Advices (versión maqueta)07. Green Grow The Rushes (versión maqueta)08. Hyena (versión maqueta. La versión álbum apareció en Life’s Rich Pageant)09. Kohoutek (versión maqueta)10. Life and How To Live It (versión maqueta)11. Maps and Legends (versión maqueta)12. Old Man Kensey (versión maqueta)13. Throw Those Trolls Away (versión maqueta, nunca publicada)14. Wendell Gee (versión maqueta)


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