Reissue of their first three albums

Now Jarvis Cocker and the others have decided to revive Pulp (and it has to be said: for a band that has been ten years out of the game, they’re in tip top shape, as we could see at San Miguel Primavera Sound), the reissues appear. On 8th August, the band will re-release their first three albums. “It” (Island, 1983), “Freaks” (Island, 1987) and “Separations” (Island, 1992) will return to the shelves – conserving their original sound, without remastering – to vindicate the repertoire that preceded hits like “Do You Remember The First Time?” and “Common People”. Though the final tracklist is unknown as of yet, the records will come with new artwork and bonus tracks, like the B-sides of “Little Girl” and “Dogs Are Everywhere” (in the case of “Freaks”), and unreleased songs ( “Death Goes To Disco”, “Is This House” and an extended version of “Countdown” will add value to “Separations”). It’s time to hold up the early days of these kings of mild-mannered irony.

''Anorexic Beauty''

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