Public Image LTD

Recording new material

In 2009, John Lydon announced the return to the stage of Public Image Ltd (PiL), when talking about the 30th anniversary of Metal Box (Island, 1979); the collection of tense and dissonant post-punk - infected by dub, mutant disco, noise and dysfunctional funk - that made history as one of the most influential works of the post-punk era. Now, two years later, the PiL resurrection enters its second phase. In spite of some recent setbacks (ten days ago, Lydon's London house burned down and some of the new tracks got lost, among other things), the band is recording the first new material in 20 years in a London studio as we speak.

As Lydon said on BBC 6 Music: “We've got ourselves in a position where we can afford to do this, all of us love what we do, it's a fantastic environment PiL has created for itself. (…) It was difficult in the past because I wasn't really inspired by the people wrapped around me - sometimes yes, sometimes no - but not to this level and this intensity.” The recording wouldn't have been possible without the money the former Sex Pistol made recently lending his image to a butter brand. Far from feeling dirty, Lydon says that “it is important to realise that in all the years I have been in the music industry, the only people that treated me with any real respect was a butter manufacturer.”

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