Proximity One: A Narrative of a City

A look at the L.A. scene

Proximity OneAvid Playground readers will be aware of the volume and quality of what has been cooking lately on the new beat scene in Los Angeles, the hybrids that take shape in clubs like Low End Theory, collectives like Brainfeeder or WEDIDIT, on radios such as Dublab and labels like Alpha Pup, Non Projects, Friends of Friends or the veteran Stones Throw. This scene is the main focus of interest of Proximity One: A Narrative of a City, a compilation album that will be released on 8th August on Proximal Records, the young imprint based in the city of angels started by Carl Madison Burgin ( Sahy Uhns) and Jeff Elmassian with the goal of promoting new local talent. To ease the wait for this album, how would you like to download the first three compilations by Proximal for free? Var.- Proximity One: A Narrative of a City01. Benedek – Laser Forest 02. Dam-Funk – A Day At The Carnival 03. Sahy Uhns – Fire Music 04. TOKIMONSTA – Cigarette Lust 05. Owen Vallis – Trunk 06. Juj– Creep 07. Lawrence Grey – Peaches for the Baby 08. Wake – ButtaBump 09. Shlohmo – Glue Stick 10. Suzuki 8-Ball– Nine-Wing 11. Teebs – Wind Loop 12. Take – Conversations With Yesterday 13. Deadwaiter & Eli Walks – VI 14. BearClaw – Robotrimpin 15. Denny Denny Breakfast – Sea Water 16. Daedelus – Off Angles Edges 17. Dr. Strangeloop – Strange Utopia 18. [Post-Foetus] – Chasms

Dam-Funk . A Day at the Carnival.mp3

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