PolysickAt Strange Life Records headquarters, spring seems to bring more than rain. The label that responds to the impulses of Danny Wolfers, electronic artist known for his work as Legowelt, has just like that, without any pre-release window, released three new records by Christian Gleinser (“ Electric Winter,” obscure synthetic postcards with a cosmic aftertaste that the label describes as “German folk electronics”), Count Hemmendorff ( Casttle Hemmendorff – Audio Tour more electro-jazz sounding) and Polysick.

Behind the alias Polysick hides a faceless young producer based in Rome who in “Meteo” filters suggestively influences that range between the Kosmische, Italo, acid Synth-pop or melodic IDM from the mid nineties, or again on the label's own words “Rephlexesque Surf Acid weirdness.” To listen to samples of the twelve tracks from “Meteo" follow this thread. Polysick - “Meteo”

01. Mellow Acid 02. Smooth Airlines 03. Guyana 04. Questa Macchina 05. Climbing Isobars 06. Congas 07. Nimbus 08. Bumper Islands 09. Smudge Hawaii 10. Bermuda 11.Transpelagic 12. Sargassum

Polysick - “Smudge Hawaii” Polysick - “Smooth Airlines”

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