New label and new single

After more than three years of absence, minimal dub master Stefan Betke aka Polereturns with a new 12”. “Waldgeschichten” will be the first release on the German's newly founded label, simply called Pole. According to Betke himself, it's the first of a series of releases that will end up on a new album, slated for release in 2012. The first EP of the series features three cuts that show that the gifted producer is on top form after his self-imposed pause - which coincided with the closing of the revered ~scape label (directed by Pole and Barbara Preisinger). You'll find liquid percussion, embossed textures, ultra-sonic basslines and thick grooves that remind us of the fact that we're listening to one of the great masters of the lower frequencies. “Waldgeschichten” will be out on the 4th of October via Kompakt Distribution. On the other hand, it's also been confirmed that Betke is planning to reissue his seminal trilogy, “1” (Kiff SM, 1998), “2” (Kiff SM, 1999) and “3” (Kiff SM, 2000) on his own label, the epitome of the “modern urban dub” championed by ~scape. Welcome back, professor.

A-Wipfel-Excerpt by pole original

B1-Wurzel-Excerpt by pole original B2-Wipfel Dub-Excerpt by pole original

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