PlayTV + San Miguel Primavera Sound

Spanish bands playing for us

For the start of a new edition of San Miguel Primavera Sound, the PlayTV cameras wanted to bring a piece of the festival into your home. Our team have filmed a series of Spanish bands (all of them from Barcelona, before their performances at the festival), on visits to their rehearsal rooms and recording studios. There, in their natural habitat, they played one of their songs for us as an appetiser for the gigs at San Miguel Primavera Sound. Over the following days we’ll be presenting them to you. The first video, starring a crazy bunch answering to the names of Papa Dupau and Spazzfrica Ehd (otherwise known as Za!) is already online on our audiovisual channel PlayTV. Follow this link to see this Barcelona rhythm and action combo dedicated to squeezing their chaotic and brilliant “Megaflow” (Acuarela, 2011) dry. Tomorrow there’ll be new videos, so watch this PlayTV space!

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