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Festival Animals

Do you feel an itch when spring starts (and we don’t mean Hayfever)? Do your hands start to sweat when you hear the words “Sónar”, “L.E.V.”, “FIB” or “San Miguel Primavera Sound”? Are you one of those people who think there’s nothing like the electrifying emotion you get from a big open-air concert? Do you plan your holidays according to the agenda of your favourite musical events? Confirmed: you’re a “festival animal”. Now you only need to know which type you are.

To talk about music and summer in Spain is to talk about big festivals. We can be proud of the fact that this country hosts some of the best festivals in the world, events that have given us numerous glorious moments over the course of our lives. From those experiences comes “Festival Animals”, a gallery of humorous characters drawn by Cristóbal Fortúnez, depicting some of the most common archetypes of the festival fauna.

Our Festival Animals are now inhabiting the photo album you can find on PlayGround’s page on Facebook. Awaiting you there are “The fluorescent colour addict” (whose sacred mission it is to conserve the memory of the eighties, but within two years their wardrobe will look like a bazaar), “The chemist” (lord of recreational drugs), the “Confused fit bird” (no explanation needed), the “Smart arse”, the “Hipster” (the great weirdo at the top of post-modernity) and the “Negatives” (remember Grouchy Smurf? The musical variety of that), among others.

If you have a few minutes in the run up to your first festival of the season, why not check out the gallery of Festival Animals on Facebook, and tag your friends according to the profile that best describes them and their festival personality. Here’s the link. Animales de Festival  PlayGround

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