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Pic: Inma Varandela Although PlayGround lives to give, to provide the daily fix to those who, like us, wouldn’t know how to live without music, today we’re asking you for something. In collaboration with the Barcelona festival, our audiovisual team at PlayTV are producing a documentary that tells the story of San Miguel Primavera Sound. It goes without saying that the story wouldn’t be half as good without your input; without the loyalty of an audience that, year after year, has been making Primavera one of the biggest and best festivals in the world. That’s why we at PlayGround are calling on you today.

On our hard drives we already have loads of archive material about the festival, but we also need your videos. We’re looking to compile as much audiovisual material as possible, related to the festival, from its first edition to the most recent. If you have any recordings (of the festival site and its surroundings, the atmosphere, the gigs, reports in the media, etc.), we would love to see and possibly include them in our documentary.

To send us your material, please follow these instructions:

1. Rename the video file according to the following structure: [your_name_in_small_letters]_ps_[year_of_recording] Example: anagarcia_ps_2003

2. Then upload the file to

3. When the upload is finished, you’ll see a page on Filedropper with two links. Copy the first link (the one on top) and send it, along with your personal info to

If for some reason you prefer to send us the material some other way, you can get in touch with us writing a mail to the same address,

All material that is included will be credited. We’ll keep you informed on the project as it develops until its premiere, set for the end of 2011. It’s your chance to make the documentary even better.

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