A film on the way

Plastikman Plastikman taken to the silver screen? Could be. Or at least that’s what Richie Hawtin told Fact in a recent interview that’s yet to be published. Hardly a month after our latest encounter with Hawtin in Berlin, the M_nus head honcho told the British magazine that among his future projects there is the idea of making a film about the work and figure of his alter ego Plastikman. “We’ve just been filming all the shows and there’s an idea of a Plastikman film. That’s the first time I’ve mentioned it and it won’t be a typical live concert film if we do it.” When asked about the possibility of Hawtin playing himself in a scripted drama, he declared, “No, I don’t think I’ll be acting, but there might be actors…” Whatever Hawtin has in mind, it will be a while before it comes out.


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