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PlastikmanNormally, the exclusive PlayGround podcast series offers up a new episode every Friday. Today however, we’re making an exception because the occasion demands it. Number 23 of our DJ mix collection is signed by Richie Hawtin, hiding behind his Plastikman mask, and will be available for a whole month. Hawtin has chosen PlayGround to distribute and offer global access to this first mix under the Plastikman moniker, which features some of his classics and exclusive edits, and can be yours from 12.15pm CET today. Why that exact time? For the impatient people, a heads up: at 12pm you can hear the mix on "Siglo XXI", the show hosted and directed by Tomás Fernando Flores on RNE Radio 3, the Spanish national radio station. When the broadcast is underway, we’ll release the download.

Are you ready for a Plastikman injection? Of course you are.


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