Gives details of his ?Arkives?

PlastikmanIf you’re a staunch fan of Richie Hawtin’s plastic alter ego, you might remember that when we told you about “Kompilation” (Minus, 2010) last July, we also reported on the existence of a colossal retrospective box set still in the making. We now know the box, entitled “Arkives”, will be available on four different formats. “Arkives Reference” will include an astounding 14 albums (a collection of CDs and DVDs containing remastered versions of all Hawtin’s official albums as Plastikman, along with videos, live shows, rarities, reworks and remixes by Hawtin himself and by other artists, among them Francois K, Chris & Cosey, Daniel Miller and Gareth Jones). The box also comes with a 64-page book including the usual biographical texts and new graphic material. Moreover, as an incentive for collectors, somewhere in that huge box set there’s room for a new Plastikman track called “Slinky”. But that’s not all. If you buy “Arkiv Reference”, you’ll also get a personal code for downloading even more exclusive material which didn’t fit in the box’s physical version.

Vinyl lovers have “Arkives Analog”, which features seven 12”s including “exclusive tracks and a limited-edition poster”, presented in a custom-made box, of which there are no more details available just yet. And for the sybarites, Hawtin has prepared “Arkives Collection”, an extra-large box set featuring all the material included on the “Reference” and “Analog” versions. “Arkives Digital” is the online version, which offers the download of all the tracks on “Arkives Collection”.Minus will take pre-orders of the three physical formats as of 10th October. Stay alert of you want a copy because the boxes will be produced depending on pre-orders.


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