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PlastikmanWe suppose that to give his potential new fans (who have discovered his music during his latest world tour) some context and, while he’s at it, secure himself a new source of income without much outlay, Richie Hawtin has decided to release a short retrospective of his work as Plastikman on his label Minus. On “Kompilation” there is room for eight tracks in chronological order, starting with “Plasticine” (the second track off of 1993’s “Sheet One”, his first album as Plastikman) and ending with “Ask Yourself” (the first track on “Closer”, the last to date, from 2003). Though a special edition of “Kompilation” was already available at the “Ghost Shop” the Minus gang installed in Barcelona during the last Sónar, the record will be released officially on 13th August.It looks as though this is only the first step in a campaign to revise Plastikman’s catalogue, which will end with the release this autumn of “Arkives. 1993 – 2010”, a limited edition box set including 14 records and DVDs among which are the original albums plus reworkings and remixes, and a book full of graphic material. Sign up here to receive the latest news on “Arkives”. Plastikman - “Kompitation”01. Plasticine02. Spastik03. Kriket 04. Helikopter 05. Marbles 06. Panikattack 07. Contain 08. Ask Yourself


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