Philip Jeck

An ark for those who want to listen

Philip JeckIn the wake of his recent contribution to the Touch Seven series (early June saw the release of his Spliced with Marcus Davidson), the Touch imprint has now detailed the new album of veteran audio artist Philip Jeck, the visual creator, choreographer and, above all, master turntablist who’s not interested in scratching techniques or aggressive noise, but in “plunderphonica”, the electronic manipulation of existing records –with only the help of two old pick-ups recovered from the trash and a small Casio that has the ability to sample a couple of seconds of audio, he generates a high level of soundscape enchantment. Jeck’s new record, described as a meditation on a passage from a poem by Gerard Manley, “The Wreck of the Deutschland”, will be coming out around 28th September, entitled “An Ark for the Listener”.

Philip Jeck - “An Ark for the Listener”01. Pilot/Dark Blue Night 02. Ark 03. Twentyninth 04. Dark Rehearsal 05. Thirtieth/Pilot Reprise 06. Pilot Reprise/The All of Water 8:29 07. The Pilot (Among Our Shoals) 08. All That's Allowed (Remix) 09. Chime, Chime (Re-Rung)

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