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Peter House MusicHe is a member of both Silk Flowers (lo-fi electronic postcards with a cold 80s and minimal wave flavours, released through Post Present Medium) and Psychobuildings (a meatier, more chromatic act with post-punk tendencies who have just a single released via Transparent). The peculiar Peter Schuette has just launched a solo project focused on the club floors. Around 24th August, the small indie label All Hand’s Electric will publish “ Jump”, a limited edition EP (with less than 300 copies pressed) which includes seven “instant” tracks created from improvisation sessions and reconstructed at a later date) said to be inspired by kraut experimentalism (think of the most synthetic Cluster or Can on a disco tip) and New York club culture (dark after-hours in this instance). Add a sprinkle of mutant disco, house, synth-pop and 80s electro-funk and you’ll have the ingredients of Peter House Music. Peter House Music - “Jump” 01. For So Long02. Of Permitted03. Jump04. The Mirror Has Two Faces05. Body Heat06. Head In Hands07. Hands In Haze

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