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Music for dancing

Peter BroderickMusic for dancing, that’s right, although Peter Broderick’s music won’t make you sweat on the dance floor. In the Spring of 2009, the Icelandic label Erased Tapes released “Music For Falling From Trees”, a 30-minute-long album (one single track divided into seven parts) which Peter Broderick recorded for choreographer Adrienne Hart, the author of a dance piece dealing with a man with a mental disorder who fights for his identity inside a psychiatric hospital.

Broderick’s first foray into the dance world was a success and he’s now been invited to work on other projects. Earlier this year, artists Kit Monkman and Tom Wexler, a couple known as KMA, contacted Borderick and offered him the score for “Congregation”, their most ambitious piece to date, a performance curated by Scan and the British Council which is supposed to be the first ballet for “pedestrians.” Coinciding with a new series of live performances, Erased Tapes have included Broderick’s two pieces—“Music For Falling From Trees” and “Congregation”—on a 10” release entitled “Music For Contemporary Dance”, which will be in stores as of 18th October.

Peter Broderick – Part 2: Understanding

Fotografía de Peter Broderick.

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